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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in France
Tribute to José Afonso

Tribute to José Afonso
PARIS  •  Théâtre de la Ville  •  Ongoing
José Afonso (1929-1987): a voice, the burning wound of Africa, a conscience. He brought light to the Portuguese folk song in its darkest hours. He composed the song which rallied the people during the Portuguese revolution in April 1974. A well-deserved tribute, by  a few faithful companions and also young interpreters.

Francisco Fanhais
Julio Pereira
Joao Afonso
Antonio Zambujo
Mayra Andrade

Julio Pereira musical direction, mandolin, guitar
Miquel Veras guitar, voice
Yara Gutking synthetiseur, voice
Marcos Alves percussions, synthetiseur

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