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Travel Tip: Dance in Austria
Dave St.-Pierre: New Creation 2012

Dave St-Pierre: <EM>Un peu de Tendresse Bordel de Merde! (a little tenderness for crying out loud!)</EM>Photo courtesy of<EM> </EM>Dave St-Pierre
Dave St-Pierre: Un peu de Tendresse Bordel de Merde! (a little tenderness for crying out loud!)
Photo courtesy of Dave St-Pierre
Dave St.-Pierre: New Creation 2012
VIENNA  •  Tanzquartier Wien  •  Ongoing

Dave St.-Pierre: New Creation 2012

The worst thing about this inevitable meeting between two beings is to experience the sudden violence of a lightning bolt and fall fatally and hopelessly in love…and to be consumes with desire to the point of wanting to die (Dave St.-Pierre)

Dave St. Pierre, the new discovery in the Canadian dance scene is regarded as someone obsessed with the body. He experiments with tension and release, both spontaneous and imposed. The body too tightly constrained must eventually expel a burst of energy; the movement is repeated to the point of exhaustion. As a skilled provocateur, Dave St. Pierre creates images of movement that irritate but also touch his audience – sensitive, wild, entertaining and ruthless.

In his new creation the last part of his celebrated trilogy on human utopias (La Pornographie des âmes and Un peu de Tendresse bordel de Merde!) can also be seen at the Tanzquartier Wien. In a strictly reduced set with few props, the ‘enfant terrible’ of the dance scene shows an emotional play of opposites: an outline of society, its superficiality and its deficiencies; a work about humans themselves, in which he drives his 25, mostly naked dancers and his themes over the pain threshold to the extreme and makes the immediacy of the body experienceable in its full force.

WITH: Karina Champoux, Marie-Eve Carrière, Marie-Eve Quilicot, Julie Perron, Eugénie Beaudry, Joannie Douville, Sarah Lefebvre, Natacha Filiatrault, Aude Rioland, Nadine Gerspacher, Anne Thériault, Alanna Kraaijeveld, Éric Robidoux, Simon Fournier, Christian Garmatter, Frédéric Tavernini, Luc Bouchard-Boissonneault, Alexis Lefebvre, Marc-andré Goulet, Milan Panet-Gigon, Renaud Lacelle-Bourdon, Julien Lemire, Vincent Morelle, Philippe Boutin, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre

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