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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Canada
Claire Fontaine: Carelessness Causes Fire

Claire Fontaine: Carelessness Causes Fire
Claire Fontaine: Carelessness Causes Fire
Claire Fontaine: Carelessness Causes Fire
VANCOUVER, BC  •  The Audain Gallery  •  Ongoing

Carelessness Causes Fire is the first solo exhibition in Canada by the Paris-based “collective artist” Claire Fontaine, who is the Audain Artist in Residence for the fall of 2012. Taking her name from a common brand of French notebooks and stationery, Claire Fontaine is a self-described “readymade artist”, founded in 2004 and aided by her “assistants” Fulvia Carnevale and James Thornhill.

Claire Fontaine’s work for Carelessness Causes Fire features sculpture, writing, video, and painting. These different media are used as “vectors of a specific intensity” to critically explore what the artist identifies as the “crisis of singularity” and the political impotency she sees in contemporary society.

The exhibition presents old and new works to examine the psychological and political consequences of the Arab Spring on the western perception of reality. The ambiguity of the exhibition’s title, lifted from a security warning found by the artist under an office chair, evokes both the metaphorical fire of the uprising as it invaded streets and buildings and the actual fire of weapons that often accompanied it.

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