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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Italy
Akbar: The Great Emperor of India

Akbar: The Great Emperor of India
ROME  •  Palazzo Sciarra  •  Ongoing

The exhibition entitled Akbar: The Great Emperor of India (Umarkot, 1542 - Agra, 1605) is devoted to one of the most enlightened sovereigns in history. Some 130 works on view document the era of Akbar “The Great”, a sovereign who promoted cultural patronage, developed architecture and town planning and encouraged religious tolerance and syncretism even though he was illiterate.

Divided into five sections, the exhibition evokes the historical and social environment of the period and the splendour of the Moghul court through paintings, book illustrations, extremely rare carpets, objects and weapons studded with gems.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Fondazione Roma has organised the film review Bollywood Film Meeting Roma, to be held in the Teatro Quirinetta from the 29th November to the 9th December 2012, which aims to offer a glance at the new trends in cinema productions in the Hindi language of Mumbai.

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