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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in United States
Charles Ginnever: Rashomon

Charles Ginnever: <EM>Rashomon</EM>, 1998Steel, 13 x 13 x 13 ft., three units.
Charles Ginnever: Rashomon, 1998
Steel, 13 x 13 x 13 ft., three units.
Charles Ginnever: Rashomon
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA  •  San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art  •  Ongoing

Viewed as one of Contemporary Art's most prolific and ardent sculptors in the realm of minimalist abstraction, American sculptor Charles Ginnever's premier exhibition in California features one of his signal works, Rashomon, (1993-1995) in patinated bronze comprsing a 15-piece installation of three-foot high steel sculptures that sit directly on the floor.

Arranged in rows, these maquettes fill the entire main gallery at the ICA. The complete work, which has never been presented in California, is a model for the Rashomon Series, 15 13-foot high sculptures, of which only three have been fabricated to date.

Kown for his vanguard work in welded steel, found objects, and bronze, Ginnever creates works that can be viewed anew from virtually every angle, embracing and exploiting the possibilities of sculpture in the round. In Rashomon, the artist provides fifteen versions of the same form, each positioned in a way that reveals the sculpture's visual potential. The piece was titled after the famous Kurosawa film that tells the same story from four different perspectives.

In addition, a large-scale sculpture titled Slant Rhyme is installed in the newly renovated Parque de Los Poblodores urban plaza directly across the street from the gallery.

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Contact: San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
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Tel: (1) 408 283 81 55

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