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Travel Tip: Opera in Netherlands
Einstein on the Beach

Einstein on the Beach: By Philip Glass
AMSTERDAM  •  Het Muziektheater  •  Ongoing

Philip Glass (b. 1937): Einstein on the Beach
Robert Wilson (b. 1941): Stage Director  

Michael Riesman, conductor 

This rarely performed work launched its director Robert Wilson and composer Philip Glass to international success when it was first produced in Avignon, France in 1976 with subsequent performances in Europe and in New York at the Metropolitan Opera.

Einstein on the Beach breaks all of the rules of conventional opera. Instead of a traditional orchestral arrangement, Glass chose to compose the work for the synthesizers, woodwinds and voices of the Philip Glass Ensemble. Non-narrative in form, the work uses a series of powerful recurrent images as its main storytelling device shown in juxtaposition with abstract dance sequences created by American choreographer Lucinda Childs. It is structured in four interconnected acts and divided by a series of short scenes or "knee plays". Taking place over five hours, there are no traditional intermissions. Instead, the audience is invited to wander in and out at liberty during the performance.

Robert Wilson:  costume and lighting design 
Lucinda Childs:  choreography 


Einstein / violin solo: Antoine Silverman 
Principal #1: Helga Davis
Principal #2: Kate Moran
The Boy: Jasper Newell
Mr. Johnson: Charles Williams

Philip Glass Ensemble 
Vocaal Ensemble   

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