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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Spain
Visceral Soul

Visceral Soul
BARCELONA  •  ARTIUM  •  Ongoing
The exhibition Visceral Soul is part of the Pull the Thread project, in which the ARTIUM Collection is being displayed around the museum. The main thesis of the project, which is organised into three exhibitions curated by staff at the museum, is that all the shows are based on a single key work in the collection, Jorge Oteizaís Homenaje a Velázquez (Tribute to Velázquez).

With these three shows, the circle of essential concerns that art speculates on is closed.

Visceral Soul, as its title indicates, is a metaphor for our own ability to muster arguments for survival in the whirlwind of life, our determination to carry on until the end.

There is nothing more natural for the human being than confirming his own objectuality and, above all, establishing an intense and ongoing dialogue between his present life and certain death, something that in other terms is called the philosophy of transcendence.

For this reason, Visceral Soul is based on the conviction that art is also a medium that enables creators and artists to express themselves in every possible way, their interest in themselves, fears, questions, introspective gazes, doubts, the desire for transcendence, the meaning of their simple presence in the world. All of this occupies a central place in what we term the discourses of art.

This show is, then, a consideration of this creative tendency. It springs from Oteizaís Homenaje a Velázquez (1958), in which the artistís own metaphysics is starkly evident in his demonstration of the three dimensions and a fourth inside the interior void. This is what we here term The Womb, the beginning of everything, from which emerges, by pulling the thread, a series of works that are interpreted in terms of birth and humansí acquisition of understanding and inner consciousness.

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