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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in United States
NOVA: Building Pharaoh's Ship

Building Pharaoh’s Ship
Building Pharaoh's Ship
NOVA: Building Pharaoh's Ship
NEW YORK  •  PBS Television  •  Ongoing

NOVA: Building Pharaoh's Ship

A magnificent trading vessel embarks on a royal expedition to a mysterious, treasure-laden land called Punt. Is this journey, intricately depicted on the wall of one of Egypt's most impressive temples, mere myth or was it real? NOVA travels to the legendary temple, built some 3,500 years ago for the celebrated female pharaoh Hatshepsut, in search of answers to this tantalizing archeological mystery. Did Punt exist and, if so, where was it? Did the ancient Egyptians, who built elaborate barges to sail down the Nile, also have the expertise to embark on a long sea voyage? NOVA follows a team of archeologists and boat builders as they reconstruct the mighty vessel shown on the mysterious carving, and then launch it into the Red Sea on a unique voyage of discovery.

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10:00 pm ET (check local listings across the United States)


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