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Travel Tip: Jazz in Netherlands
Carte Blanche: Diego Carrasco

Carte Blanche: Diego Carrasco
AMSTERDAM  •  Bimhuis  •  Ongoing
Singer-songwriter, improviser and composer Diego Carrasco is a regular at the Flamenco Biennale Nederland. And for good reason: rhythm devil Carrasco (1954) is the absolute master of the compás (rhythms) of his native Jerez de la Frontera. His experiments, his elusive style and his original lyrics have made him a figurehead of the new flamenco, and he is like a guru to many young flamenco artists. Like Israel Galván has transformed flamenco dance, flamenco magician Carrasco is doing the same to music. Under his leadership a whole new generation of musicians is developing who, with tradition in their genes, bring flamenco to jazz, rock and pop

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Contact: Bimhuis
Piet Heinkade 3
1019 Amsterdam

Tel: (31) 020 7 882 188

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