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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Spain
Grey Flag: The Need for Art

Grey Flag: The Need for Art
BARCELONA  •  ARTIUM's Facade  •  Ongoing

Grey Flag springs from the duty to demonstrate the existence of art as a necessity, as well as our commitment and obligation to society to offer it. We should regard art as the gauge of its civilisation and culture and as such appreciate the practical value of art and the status of the artist as a homo politikon and as a social being who generates an environment of relationships, products and values, an environment that encompasses the aesthetic values of the work of art.

This project brings together a series of posters commissioned from a number of artists that make reference to the world of art itself, its ideas and circumstances, in every instance treated with a certain sense of humour, irony or sarcasm.

The title of the project, Grey Flag, is based on a derivation of Black Flag, the British anarchist paper, and white flag, the flag of surrender, thereby reviving the anarchistic attitude and aesthetic and combining it with the need to see every possible scale of grey, especially in the light of the current economic, political and moral crisis.

The posters in Grey Flag Programme, with asurface of 100 square meters each, are exhibited on the fašade of ARTIUM's West Wing edifice. Two posters are on show at a time.

Contact: ARTIUM
Basque Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art
Francia, 24

Tel: (34) 945 20 90 00

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