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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Russia
Ernest Goh: Cocks

Ernest Goh: from the "COCKS" series<EM>The Walk,</EM> 60 x 50 cm, digital captureprinted on SIHL cotton based acid free paper, 2012
Ernest Goh: from the "COCKS" series
The Walk, 60 x 50 cm, digital capture
printed on SIHL cotton based acid free paper, 2012
Ernest Goh: Cocks
MOSCOW  •  Pobeda Gallery  •  Ongoing
To analyze a human this is the task of Singapore photographer Ernest Goh (b. 1979). Even capturing photographic portraits of the animals Goh pay attention first of all to a psychological relationship between pets and their human masters. Humans tend to like to anthropomorphize animals and soon after consider their pets to be part of the family and looked upon them as a member with a character and soul. The photographic portraits are meant to capture that human-like character projected onto them by their owners. In religion and mythology anthropomorphism is shown in the perception of divine beings that look like humans. They eat, sleep and fall in love as humans do. While in literature anthropomorphic characters are often created in storytelling to relate human-like behaviors. However in science, the practice to assume that animals share similar mental and social emotions is frowned upon.

The first attempt of Ernest Goh to document this human character of pets was realized in "The Fish Book" (Wee Editions 2011). Some of the chickens pictured in the "COCKS" series present a special Malaysian breed known as Ayam Seramas. Serama breeding clubs are a very strong cultural phenomenon in Malaysian villages. Seramas are prized for their build, size, behavior and showmanship by their owners and competitions or beauty contests as they are often described are held almost every week in at least one village in Malaysia. The judges of the competitions are trying to determine a champion on its stance, temperament and physical assets like wings, tails and comb. It is no surprise that Serama owners often regard their chickens as warriors or soldiers ready for battle. "COCKS" series is the second part of a larger project entitled The Animal Book (TAB) project that Ernest Goh is working on now.

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