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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Belgium
Neo Rauch

German painter Neo Rauch gestures in front of his painting <EM>Uhrenvergleich (Synchronize Watches</EM>) in the Museum of Fine Arts in LeipzigPhoto: Jens Meyer
German painter Neo Rauch gestures in front of his painting Uhrenvergleich (Synchronize Watches) in the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig
Photo: Jens Meyer
Neo Rauch: The Obsession of the Demiurge. Selected Works 1993 - 2012
BRUSSELS  •  Palais des Beaux-Arts  •  Ongoing
Neo Rauch (b. 1960 in Leipzig), educated at the Leipzig Academy by the old school of Social Realist painters, has become one of the Academy’s most influential graduates. His fusion of industrial symbolism, painterly figuration, and unique brand of Neo-Romanticism are influenced in part by his exposure to Communist-era advertising in former East Germany.

His unmistakable work has transported the history of figurative painting in the 20th century - that found its chief proponents in Beckmann, Bacon and Baselitz - into the present.

His dreamlike compositions seem to be peopled by memories of the GDR. “My paintings have something vital about them, like an animal, a living thing,” says Rauch. “You don’t have to understand them, just to feel that this creation, to the greatest possible extent, is at peace with itself.”

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