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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Germany
Jean-Baptiste Huynh: Remanence

Jean-Baptiste Huynh: Louvre, <EM>Masque En Or </EM>(Gold Mask), 2010
Jean-Baptiste Huynh: Louvre, Masque En Or (Gold Mask), 2010
Jean-Baptiste Huynh: Remanence
BERLIN  •  CWC Gallery  •  Ongoing

Under the title Remanence, French photographer Jean-Baptiste Huynh (born 1966) shows a selection of objects, sculptures, paintings, and artifacts from the Louvre. The large formatted silver-gelatin-prints each show individual artworks from different eras, art forms and sections of the museum. Jean-Baptiste Huynh focused with a special artistic intention on the chosen art objects, among which are pompous amulets, mystical masks, oriental portraits and profane objects such as historical keys. Huynh sees the selective and exemplary illustrated voyage through the collection of the Louvre as an overall illustration and internalization that conveys the understanding of cultures. Every object from a particular historical period is a token of the power of tenacity, simultaneously symbolizing both the continuous cultural reflection and the transition from something that will remain. Bol Vert shows the bottom of an ancient old vessel. In Huynh’s photographs it appears today as a globe. The artwork Plaque – a depicted squared gold plate – would be seen today by the pictorial science in modern art as a color-field painting and the exhibited sculpture of the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius loses its initial character representation of a ruler and representation of power and is seen today as a symbol of evanescence and concluded era. The title of the series Remanence (latin remanere "stay", "stay behind") refers to this ambivalence.

All of Jean-Baptiste Huynhs works on view in Berlin originated in the Louvre in Paris where the exhibition celebrated its premier last year.

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