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Travel Tip: Opera in France
Siegfried: Second day of Der Ring des Nibelungen

Richard Wagner: <EM>Siegfried</EM>Opera de Paris
Richard Wagner: Siegfried
Opera de Paris
Siegfried: Second day of Der Ring des Nibelungen : By Richard Wagner
PARIS  •  Opera Bastille  •  Ongoing

Richard Wagner: Siegfried
Libretto by Richard Wagner
Performed in German
First performed on16  August 1876 at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus under the direction of Hans Richter.

It was Brünnhilde herself who, at the end of Die Walküre, baptised the son of Siegmund and Sieglinde, the long-awaited hero: Siegfried. And it was initially around him that Wagner conceived his Ring project, before Wotan took on almost equal importance. This, the second “day” presents Siegfried in his rebellious youth, an unruly, bear-taming, dragon-slaying adolescent. At the very heart of the Ring, between the Adagio appassionato of Die Walküre and the grandiose finale of Götterdämmerung, Siegfried has always seemed like the scherzo, a light and cheerful work. Furthermore, the hero who appears is anything but a mystical knight or the saviour of an entire people. Instead he is “a real man stripped bare”, in whom Wagner saw with delight “all the pulsating blood, all the vigorous muscular contractions amid the unfettered freedom of physical movement; simply put, man in his truest state—namely, the handsome young man in the resplendent freshness of his strength who is at the origin of all primitive legends.”

The libretto was completed in 1851 and then revised in 1852. Composition of the work got underway in September 1856 but was interrupted on numerous occasions. The first act was completed in March 1857. However, while he was working on the second act, Wagner put it aside to devote himself to Tristan und Isolde. It was not until 1869, twelve years later, after also composing Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, that Wagner completed the orchestration of the second act and began the third. The work was finished in February 1871. In the meantime, Wagner’s compositional technique had become richer still and this third act, dominated by the great duo of Siegfried and Brünnhilde, concludes the work whilst endowing it with a whole new cosmic and tragic dimension.

Philippe Jordan, conductor 
Günter Krämer, stage director 
Jürgen Bäckmann, sets 
Falk Bauer, costumes 
Diego Leetz, lighting 
Otto Pichler, choreography 

Torsten Kerl: Siegfried
Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke: Mime
Egils Silins: Der Wanderer
Peter Sidhom: Alberich
Peter Lobert: Fafner
Qiu Lin Zhang: Erda
Alwyn Mellor: Brünnhilde
Elena Tsallagova: Waldvogel

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