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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Portugal
Ensemble Al-Kindî

Ensemble Al-Kindî
LISBON  •  Grande Auditório  •  Ongoing

The Ensemble Al-Kindî returns to Lisbon's Grande Auditório with a new programme. Based on his longstanding work with a repertory drawn from Arabic oral tradition from Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Tunisia, Ensemble Al-Kindî director Julien Weiss wanted to eliminate boundaries and reclaim a time when all around the Ottoman Empire cultural exchanges were more intense. Therefore, Weiss went in search of the heritage that was common to Arab, Turkish and Persian music as the 17th century drew to a close and elaborated a programme based on old songs from Aleppo, in Northern Syria, and on manuscripts of musicians at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, where the sultan had his court.

Ensemble Al-Kindî

Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenkia Website

Detailed schedule information:

Contact: Avenida de Berna, 45-A
1067-001 Lisbon
Tel: (35) 1 21 782 30 00

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