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Travel Tip: Opera in Portugal
George Benjamin: Into the Little Hill

George Benjamin: Into the Little Hill: Henry Purcell: Dido e Eneias
LISBON  •  Grande Auditório  •  Ongoing

George Benjamin: Into the Little Hill
Anu Komsi, soprano
Hilary Summers, contralto

Henry Purcell: Dido e Eneias
Céline Scheen, soprano
Job Arantes Tomé, baritone
Hilary Summers, contralto
Joana Seara, soprano
Carla Caramujo, soprano

English composer Henry Purcell inspired himself with the tragic love story between Dido, Queen of Carthage, and the Trojan Aeneas to create one of the most performed operas ever. This is exactly why Os Músicos do Tejo chose to center their version "on the taste for the grotesque and on a certain ironic distance towards European gods and e myths", eminently English characteristics we can identify in his work. At a distance of more than three hundred years from Purcell, George Benjamin wrote Into the Little Hill, a troubling opera that has become one of the cornerstones of the contemporary British repertory.

Coro Gulbenkian
Orquestra Gulbenkian
Marcos Magalhaes, conductor
Pedro Neves, conductor
Luca Aprea, sets
Daniel Worm d'Assumpcao, lighting
Antonio Lagarto, director

Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenkia Website

Detailed schedule information:

Contact: Avenida de Berna, 45-A
1067-001 Lisbon
Tel: (35) 1 21 782 30 00

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