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Travel Tip: Dance in Belgium
Peeping Tom: A Louer

Peeping Tom:&nbsp;<EM> A Louer</EM>
Peeping Tom:  A Louer
Peeping Tom: A Louer
ANTWERP  •  deSingel  •  Ongoing
Peeping Tom:  A Louer
Choregoraphy: Gabriela Carrizo , Franck Chartier 

with  Jos Baker , Euridike De Beul , Leo De Beul , Marie Gyselbrecht , Hun-Mok Jung , SeolJin Kim , Simon Versnel 

You saw Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier as performers in Alain Platel's 'Iets op Bach'. Since 2000 this Argentine-French duo has formed the artistic core of Peeping Tom, a collective which in recent years has grown into a company of international repute. Dance or theatre? There is little or no text. There are sudden eruptions of dance, inventive and brilliant. From their background in dance the makers use movement and image as their main tools in 'making intimacy visible', to use their own words. Their productions illustrate the human condition. Often through discontinuous worlds in which the current logic of time and space is disrupted.

In A Louer Peeping Tom takes you to a world where dreams and reality merge. A melancholy piece full of surprising twists on the subject of transience. In a baroque setting, with a nod to the pathos and red plush of the opera. Everything is temporary, everything is 'To Let'. Including the stage that the artists appropriate for the duration of a performance.

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Contact: deSingel
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B-2018 Antwerp

Tel: (32) 3 248 28 28

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