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Travel Tip: Dance in Belgium
Meg Stuart : Built to Last

Meg Stuart: <EM>Built to Last</EM>&nbsp;
Meg Stuart: Built to Last 
Meg Stuart : Built to Last : Damaged Goods
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Built to Last 
Choreography: Meg Stuart 
Production: Damaged Goods, Münchner Kammerspiele

with  Dragana Bulut , Davis Freeman , Anja Müller , Maria F. Scaroni , Kristof Van Boven 
from  Dragana Bulut , Davis Freeman , Anja Müller , Maria F. Scaroni , Kristof Van Boven 

Over the years Meg Stuart has become known as an artist who closely relates her movement theatre to the visual arts. In her latest dance performance she quite literally questions monumentality. What is the relevance of historical monuments today? Is grand rhetoric their only form of expression, or do they also come into contact with us in a more subtle way? Can a statue remain topical or is it irrevocably doomed to ossify into faded glory? What is a place on a pedestal worth today?

Built to Last is a collaborative piece by Damaged Goods and Münchner Kammerspiele, where the performance will premiere in April 2012. The six performers, dancers and actors take up a position in the face of the superhuman. They enter into a confrontation with the past and the desire for a better future. In 'Built to Last' the musical score again plays an important role. For the first time the choice has been for a classical and contemporary score. This will breathe in unison as a living organ while giving breath to what is happening on stage

Dramaturgy:  Bart Van den Eynde , Jeroen Versteele 
Musical dramaturgy:  Alain Franco 
Stage design:  Doris Dziersk 
Costumes:  Nadine Grellinger 
Lighting:  Jürgen Tulzer , Frank Laubenheimer 
Video:  Philipp Hochleichter 
Technical director:  Oliver Houttekiet 
Production management:  Eline Verzelen 
Choreographer's assistant:  Ana Rocha 
Stage design assistance:  Anna Hentschel 
Costume assistance:  Ann-Kristin Danzinger 
Dramaturgy trainee:  Carlotta Scioldo 

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