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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Russia
The City: Becoming and Decaying

© Annette Hauschild / Ostkreuz
© Annette Hauschild / Ostkreuz
The City: Becoming and Decaying
SAINT-PETERSBURG  •  ROSPHOTO: State Museum and Exhibition Centre for Photography  •  Ongoing
The City. Becoming and Decaying by the legendary Berlin photographic agency, Ostkreuz, touches upon urbanization. For two years, 18 of the agency’s photographers travelled all over the world shooting contemporary megalopolises on various stages of their development. Some of these cities were in their heyday, others, on the contrary, were becoming deserted and decayed. The exhibition includes 176 of the best photographs made in 22 of the world’s megalopolises.

The exhibition’s photographers visited the slums of the Philippine’s Manila considered one of the planet’s most densely populated cities, the deserted downtown of America’s Detrois, in the Ukraine’s Pripyat deserted by its population after Chernobyl nuclear power station accident, the ruins of Palestinian Gaza and Dubai’s skyscrapers. They explored Kangbashi, the Chinese phantom city with hundreds of empty towerblocks, and investigated the reasons for the failure of experiment with Indian Aurovile, the ideal megalopolis that was to become the community of free people living beyond politics. Beside the impressive cityscapes the photographs capture the portraits of city dwellers that reflect the urban history as much as do the busy or deserted streets.

Beside being an unusual tour guide, the exhibition is an outstanding art project, quintessential of the agency’s twenty years of work. Among the authors are the true stars of contemporary photographic art, for example, Sibylle Bergemann, the best known GDR fashion photographer who shot her models outside posh interiors, in a cityscape, or Harald Hauswald who was repeatedly called ‘enemy of the state’ in the East Germany.

Ostkreuz agency was founded in 1990 in Berlin by seven well-known GDR photographers: Sibylle Bergemann, Ute Mahler, Werner Mahler, Jenz Rötsch, Harald Hauswald, Thomas Sendberg and Harf Zimmermann.

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