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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in United States
Amalia Pica

Amalia Pica: <EM>Venn Diagrams (under </EM><EM>the spotlight),</EM> 2011
Amalia Pica: Venn Diagrams (under the spotlight), 2011
Amalia Pica
CHICAGO  •  Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago  •  Ongoing
Amalia Pica was born in 1978 in Neuquén, Argentina. She lives and works in London. Interested in the social acts of listening and technologies of mass communication, Pica explores metaphor, communication, and civic participation through drawings, sculptures, large-scale photographic prints, slide projections, live performances, and installations. The MCA exhibition Amalia Pica is the artist’s first major solo museum show in the United States and includes approximately fifteen of her most significant works from the last seven years, in addition to new commissions. Using simple materials such as photocopies, lightbulbs, drinking glasses, beer bottles, bunting, cardboard, and other found materials, Pica creates work that is formally beautiful and conceptually rigorous while addressing fundamental issues of communication—such as the acts of delivering and receiving messages (verbal or nonverbal) and the various forms these exchanges may take. She is particularly interested in the role of the artist in conveying messages to audiences and the translation of thought to action, idea to object.

Born during Argentina’s dictatorship and so-called “Dirty War”—a seven year campaign against suspected dissidents and subversives—Pica long ago became  interested in what it means to have a platform from which to speak and the limits and failures of language. Raising questions about individual speech versus collective speech, and extreme political situations such as those in 1970’s Argentina, the artist shines light on how open communication is a protected, individual right in some regions of the world while a privilege in others.

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