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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
The Master Builder

<P>John Turturro as Halvard Solnessin Ibsen’s <EM>The Master Builder</EM></P> • <P>&nbsp;</P>

John Turturro as Halvard Solness
in Ibsen's The Master Builder


The Master Builder : By Henrik Ibsen
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK  •  BAM  •  Ongoing

Henrik Ibsen: The Master Builder
Translated by David Edgar
Directed by Andrei Belgrader
Produced by BAM

Ruthless and revered architect Halvard Solness (John Turturro) is obsessively driven—until a young woman from his past stops him in his tracks. Hilde (Wrenn Schmidt, Boardwalk Empire), a force of unbridled sexual energy coupled with childlike willfulness, enters the master builder’s home and head, trailing mysterious talk of past promises. As she urges the megalomaniacal Solness to ever greater and less sustainable heights, his tragedy-haunted wife Aline (Katherine Borowitz) watches from the sidelines, an unwilling participant in an off-kilter love triangle.


Katherine Borowitz (Aline Solness)
Ken Cheeseman (Dr. Herdal)
Julian Gamble (Knut Brovik)
Kelly Hutchinson (Kaja Fosli)
Max Gordon Moore (Ragnar Brovik)
Wrenn Schmidt (Hilde Wangel)
John Turturro (Halvard Solness)

Costume design by Marco Piemontese
Lighting design by James F. Ingalls
Sound design by Ryan Rumery

BAM Website

Detailed schedule information:
7:30 pm


BAM Harvey Theater
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY


Tel: (1) 718 636 41 00

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