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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Germany
Mwangi Hutter: Single Entities

Mwangi Hutter: <EM>Reign Blue</EM>, 2012 C-Print 183 x 122 cm Ed. 2 + 1APCourtesy of Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin / Beijing
Mwangi Hutter: Reign Blue, 2012
183 x 122 cm
Ed. 2 + 1AP
Courtesy of Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin / Beijing
Mwangi Hutter: Single Entities
BERLIN  •  Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin  •  Ongoing
The artist group Mwangi Hutter was born in Nairobi and Ludwigshafen, where the artists Ingrid Mwangi and Robert Hutter also work. The artists themselves speak of an entity, in which the summation and dissolution of the one into the other is created. Their videos and photography continually reflect on events in Africa, along with the relationship between blacks and whites, as well as women and men. Ecology is as much a central theme as gender is. The artists play with the illusion of the reality of the moving picture, as they try to extend the borders of perception. Their ideas are often practiced on their own bodies; therefore the body becomes a carrier of their selves and of a non-cognitive world. The body becomes a place for political, social and ecological statements.

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