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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Sweden
Visions of the Now

Visions of the Now: Stockholm Festival for Art and Technology
STOCKHOLM  •  Fylkingen  •  Ongoing
Through the filters of art, technology and the future, the Stockholm Festival for Art and Technology aims to investigate where the “now” is situated, while focusing on the impact of technology on humanity, society and artistic practice.

This occasion brings together a group of international artists, musicians, theorists and scientists to perform real-time research on the now, in lectures, panels and open discussions under the themes of Technology, Values, Image, Music, Langage and Environment. The festival will also manifest the interplay between art and technology—at this exact moment in time—with art and music performances, sound pieces, installations and screenings.


Katja Aglert (SE), Lars-Gunnar Bodin (SE), Tyler Coburn (US), C.A.R. (US), Katarina Elvén (SE), Luke Fischbeck/Lucky Dragons (US), Jacob Gaboury (US), Catharina Gabrielsson (SE), Jennifer Gonzalez (US), Goodiepal (DK), Hannah Heilmann (DK), Holly Herndon (US), Natalie Jeremijenko (US), Jeuno Kim (US), Jacob Kirkegaard (DE), Sanne Krogh Groth (DK), Johan Siri Landgren (SE), Magnus Larsson (UK), Kristin Lucas (US), Anna Lundh (SE), Julie Martin (US), Astrida Neimanis (CAN), Laurel Ptak (US), Gry Worre Hallberg (DK), Cecilia Åsberg (SE) and more.

Stockholm Festival for Art and Technology Website

Detailed schedule information:
Friday, May 24: 5pm–midnight
Saturday, May 25: 11am–1am
Sunday, May 26: 11am–8pm


Söder Mälarstrand 27
Stockholm, Sweden


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