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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
AIDS in New York: The First Five Years

AIDS in New York: The First Five Years
NEW-YORK  •  New-York Historical Society  •  Ongoing

AIDS in New York: The First Five Years chronicles the early history of the AIDS epidemic in New York City — from the first rumors in 1981 of a “gay plague” through the ensuing period of intense activism, clinical research, and political struggle. The exhibition uses artifacts including clinicians’ notes, journal entries, diaries, letters, audio and video clips, posters, photographs, pamphlets, and newspapers to revisit the impact of the epidemic on personal lives and public culture in New York City and the nation. 

A companion exhibition, Children With AIDS: 1990-2000, also opening on 7 June  features twenty black-and-white photographs by Claire Yaffa from her collection The Changing Face of Children with AIDS.

New York Historical Society Web Site


New-York Historical Society
170 Central Park West
(between 76th & 77th Streets)
New York, NY

Tel: (1) 212 873 34 00

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