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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Germany
The New Restraint. Architecture in Straitened Circumstances

The New Restraint. Architecture in Straitened Circumstances
BIELEFELD  •  Bielefelder Kunstverein im Waldhof  •  Ongoing

At the very least since the financial crisis, architecture has been undergoing a global change. Even though architectural prestige projects are being planned and realised around the world, more sustainable architectural concepts have nevertheless gained in significance for economic and social, as well as ecological reasons. Against the background of diminishing resources, migratory movements and permanent crisis, the production conditions for architecture have fundamentally altered. Economic as well as ecological aspects, but also ongoing deficiencies in structurally weak areas, are confronting architecture with new challenges.

In this frame the exhibition, The New Restraint is presenting, in the form of room-filling installations, five trend-setting initiatives, which see a social and cultural commitment in architecture. On the basis of videos, photography, plans, material samples, as well as a 1:1 model, forms of architecture are being shown, which employ simple means to react creatively to the shift outlined above. The exhibition is presenting projects distinguished by a high degree of independent initiative, often coming about in cooperation with a local populace as well as using locally-available building materials.

Participating architects or firms:

a.gor.a architects / Brandlhuber+ in collaboration with , Cristina Garriga, Constanze Haas, Erica Overmeer and Christopher Roth / ELEMENTAL / Anupama Kundoo / TYIN tegnestue Architects

Bielefelder Kunstverein Website

Contact: Bielefelder Kunstverein im Waldhof
Welle 61
33602 Bielefeld

Tel: (49) 521 178806

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