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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Belgium
Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire: The Wave

Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire: The Wave
BRUSSELS  •  Argos  •  Ongoing

In The Wave the archaeological gaze of the viewer is set in motion: a mass grave from the Spanish Civil War (1936–39) opens and closes itself. In 2011 Sarah Vanagt (b. 1976) and Katrien Vermeire (b. 1979) placed a camera above the spot where nine victims were buried after their execution by Franco’s supporters in June 1939. On day one of the excavation, a digging crane gently loosened the top layer of soil, until the archaeologists came across a skull with a bullet hole. Then the archaeologists continued their work by hand. The skeletons appeared, then disappeared, as if a strong wind blew that removed the sand and uncovered death, a primal truth. In the exhibition, Vanagt and Vermeire present the 20 minutes video work of the same title together with digital slideshows of the photographs taken at the excavation site.

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