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Travel Tip: Classical Music in Austria
Roman de la Rose

Roman de la Rose
GRAZ  •  Minoritensaal  •  Ongoing

Music to the Roman de la Rose by Guillaume Dufay, Solage, Guillaume de Machaut, Johannes Ciconia, Gilles Binchois, Johannes Le Grant und Adam

“When I the age of 20 had attained/The age when Love controls a young man’s heart/As I was wont, one night I went to bed/And soundly slept. But there came a dream/Which much delighted me, it was so sweet...” With these words the young hero in the “Roman de la Rose” sets out on an adventurous journey. This novel is considered a masterpiece of French Literature and of 13th century allegory. The Ensemble Santenay accompanies the young hero on his voyage into the gardens of Paradise where he learns the art of loving and living. At the end of his journey, he is ready to pick his loved “Rose” whose picture he once saw in a well ...

Santenay (ensemble):
Julla von Landsberg, soprano & organetto
Elodie Wiemer, recorder
Szilárd Chereji, fiddle
Orí Harmelin, lute

The multi-national ensemble draws its name from the castle of Santenay, in Burgundy, a castle which constitutes for the musicians in a way a symbol of the apogee of the culture at the Burgundian court.

2013 Styriarte Festival Website

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Contact: Minoritensaal
Tel: (43) 316 81 29 41 0

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