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Travel Tip: Dance in France
Univers Light Oblique

Univers Light Oblique: Georges Apppaix / La Liseuse
MARSEILLE  •  Grand Studio du Ballet National de Marseille  •  Ongoing

Georges Appaix, a choreographer from Marseille, has always used sounds, shapes and meanings of words in his work. Playing with the alphabet is for him a way to unwind a soft, musical and often witty dance.

A saxophonist and a dancer, in residency at the Friche Belle de Mai since the 90’s, Georges Appaix, who toys with exclamations and secret codes, can give letters their full substance! He has always explored sounds and words as if they were movements, or even bodies.

Focusing on the materialization of language (alphabet, typography or calligraphy), Univers Light Oblique, his latest work, has six dancers move in graphic universes retelling the adventure of writing, from its origins to its most contemporary aspects.

Festival de Marseille Website

Detailed schedule information:

Contact: Grand Studio du Ballet National de Marseille
Grand Studio
20 Bd De Gabes
13008 Marseille

Tel: (33) 04 91 99 02 50

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