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Travel Tip: Jazz in England
Hermeto Pascoal

Hermeto Pascoal
LONDON  •  Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club  •  Ongoing

Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal and Aline Morena are presenting their new cd "Bodas de Latão" to celebrate their seven years together in music and in life! There are Hermeto' s new and classics compositions besides a composition and some new lyrics by Aline Morena. Still "Años de Soledad" by Astor Piazzolla.

Son of Pascoal José da Costa and his wife Vergelina Eulália de Oliveira, Hermeto Pascoal was born in Olho d´Água, on July 22nd, 1936, and raised in Lagoa da Canoa, Arapiraca City, Alagoas State (by the time of his birth, Lagoa da Canoa was still Arapiraca´s district). It was in his military enlistment that he received his father’s first name as his surname.

Fascinated by the sounds of nature since he was a little boy, from a pumpkin mammon pipe Hermeto Pascoal made a fife with which he used to play for the birds.

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club Website

Detailed schedule information:
First House: 6:00 pm


Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
47 Frith Street
London W1D 4HT


Tel: (44) 020 7439 07 47

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