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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Denmark
Aarhus Festival 2013

Aarhus Festival 2013 : ‘Signs of Life - in a new reality
AARHUS  •  various venues  •  Ongoing

For 10 days every year in August - September the streets and alleys, clubs, stages, galleries and museums of Aarhus are teeming with entertainment and events.

The theme for the Aarhus Festival 2013 is "Signs of Life - in a new reality". The 10-day festival reflects the thesis that in contemporary life, opposites are dissolving, habits are being challenged, connections are disintegrating, language is being eliminated and ingrained insights no longer make sense. Nothing is as it was. It can seem as if life as we know it no longer wants to know us.

Aarhus Festival 2013 will look, therefore, for a language that can put the life that takes place in the current reality into words: The transition period between something known and something still unknown. A language that can help us understand our age and give us suggestions to why we live the way we do and how we can come closer to an explanation and direction that points towards something even more beautiful that what we came from.

With its own harbour and university, Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, beautifully located between the sea, forests and hills, on the eastern coast of Jutland, 300 km from Copenhagen.

Aarhus Festival 2013 Website

Contact: Tel: (45) 89 40 91 91

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