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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in England

Matt Damon in <EM>Elysium</EM>
Matt Damon in Elysium
LONDON  •  Cinema 1 (Silk St) / Cinema 2 (Beech St)  •  Ongoing

Set in the year 2154,  this much-anticipated sci-fi action thriller from director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) is the story of two classes: the wealthy, who live on an advanced space station named Elysium; and the poor, who inhabit an overpopulated and impoverished Earth presided over by a robot police force.

When the Elysian Secretary of Defense, Jessica Delacourt (Jodie Foster) takes steps to eliminate the illegal immigrants seeking Elysiumís superior medical supplies, ex-con Max (Matt Damon) goes on a perilous mission to bring equality to these polarized worlds.

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