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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Spain
Enrique Chagoya: Cannibal Palimpsest

Enrique Chagoya: Cannibal Palimpsest
BARCELONA  •  Artium  •  Ongoing

The Mexican artist Enrique Chagoya (Mexico City, 1953), resident in San Francisco for more than two decades, presents what will be his first exhibition in any European museum. In this exhibition he will show a selection of paintings, drawings, engravings, publications, some sculpture and the most characteristic features of his oeuvre: his well-known codices.

Performed on original amate paper (the type of paper used by the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican natives, manufactured with the bark of the amate tree, of the ficus family, which the artist brings from his native Mexico), these codices are read from left to right, just as his pre-Columbian ancestors did and develop a series of scenes which, with a slightly irreverent sense of humour, deploy the characteristic iconographic repertory of Chagoya.

The artist, who combines his creative activities with his work as a lecturer at the prestigious University of Stanford, brings together figures from the world of the comic, cartoons and pop culture with faces that he takes from the world of politics, economics and religion. To all of this he adds others that he has invented himself, thereby creating a multilevel imagery.

His cannibalism is a kind of symbolic anthropophagy, which based on social criticism and political satire develops what he himself has called "reverse anthropology".

All of his work, including the exhibition itself, can be is understood as a temporal, iconographic, symbolic and political palimpsest, an authentic cannibal palimpsest.

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