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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Brazil
Pedro Wirz: Gringo

Pedro Wirz: <EM>Gringo</EM> at Mendes Wood, São Paulo
Pedro Wirz: Gringo at Mendes Wood, São Paulo
Pedro Wirz: Gringo
SAO PAULO  •  Mendes Wood DM  •  Ongoing

Although born and brought up in Brazil, the exhibition Gringo marks the first solo presentation of Pedro Wirz in Brazil. He left his native São Paulo eight years ago to pursue an art education in Europe. Curious to reconnect with the story and origins of his Swiss paternal grandfather, from whom he inherited his last name, Pedro enrolled at the art school in Basel in 2008 and has been based there since.

An identity milestone, Gringo epitomizes the paradoxical return of an artist to his own country. If Wirz’s career has been fruitfully growing in Europe for the last years, the title of this exhibition reflects on how his practice has been shaped by time abroad, leading to an uncanny feeling of estrangement towards the country where he was born. Furthermore, over the years spent in Europe the artist absorbed the romantic vision of an exotic Brazil that carries a sort of tropical idealism.

Mendes Wood Website


Mendes Wood
Rua da Consolação 3358
Jardins São Paulo

Tel: (55) 11 3081 17 35

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