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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in France
Perturbation: Adapted from Thomas Bernhard

Perturbation: Adapted from Thomas Bernhard
PARIS  •  La Colline - théâtre national  •  Ongoing

Perturbation Adapted from Thomas Bernhard
Direction, scenography, light: Krystian Lupa
Original Text: Thomas Bernhard
Original Text Translation: Bernard Kreiss
© Editions Gallimard
Adaptation: Krystian Lupa and the actors
Performed in French

With John Arnold, Thierry Bosc, Valérie Dréville, Jean-Charles Dumay, Pierre-François Garel, Lola Riccaboni, Mélodie Richard, Matthieu Sampeur, Anne Sée, Grégoire Tachnakian

Published in 1967, Perturbation is Thomas Bernhard’s second novel. Following a doctor’s consultations in rural Austria, it draws implacable portraits of characters trapped in a
hostile environment. The virulent melancholy of Bernhard’s play is well matched by Lupa’s interest for the perturbations of the human body and soul, sounding the gap between
reality and fantasy, revolt and surrender.

Translation's Collaborators: Grazyna Maszkowska, Mariola Odzimkowska, René Zahnd
Artistic Collaborators: Lukasz Twarkowski
Costumes: Piotr Skiba
Sound, Frédéric Morier
Video, Karol Rakowski
Set Construction: Ateliers du Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne

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Detailed schedule information:

Contact: La Colline - théâtre national
15, rue Malte-Brun
75020 Paris

Tel: (33) 01 44 62 52 52

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