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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in England

Mark Ravenhill
Mark Ravenhill
Candide: By Mark Ravenhill
STRATFORD-UPON-AVON  •  Swan Theatre  •  Ongoing

Directed by  Lyndsey Turner

Royal Shakespeare Company Writer in Residence Mark Ravenhill responds to Voltaire's novel in a new play directed by Lyndsey Turner.

He explains:  

'Candide has long been a favourite book of mine. I wanted to explore Voltaire's satirical view of humanity's capacity for optimism and ask what it might mean for us today.

'I'm fascinated by Doctor Pangloss' belief in the book that this is 'the best of all possible worlds'. This got me thinking that it would be exciting to write a play set in a number of different possible worlds, each of them exploring the question of optimism in a different way.'


Ellie Beaven - Abarian Soldier/Emma/Nurse
Ishia Bennison - Countess/Hannah
Susan Engel - Cunegonde
Richard Goulding - Playwright/Screenwriter
Kevin Harvey - Jacques/Bulgarian Soldier/Voltaire
John Hopkins - Bulgarian Officer/Tim
Harry McEntire - Prologue/Abarian Soldier/Ben/Tetuan
Matthew Needham - Candide
Ciarán Owens - Bulgarian Sergeant/Sailor/Adam
Ian Redford - Pangloss/Beggar/Abarian Soldier/Ted
Rose Reynolds - Young Cunegonde/Rosa/Abarian Soldier/The Girl/Padres
Steffan Rhodri - Baron/Abarian Soldier/Mike/Cacombo
Sarah Ridgeway - Bulgarian Soldier/Sophie/Tucamon
Katy Stephens - Baroness/Bulgarian Soldier/Sarah
Badria Timimi - The Woman/Bulgarian Soldier/Eva/Martina
Dwane Walcott - Candide (the actor)/Oreillon

Designer - Soutra Gilmour
Lighting - Tim Lutkin
Music - Michael Bruce
Sound - Christopher Shutt
Literary Manager - Pippa Hill
Movement - Scott Ambler
Fights - Bret Yount

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Tel: (44) 0870 609 11 10

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