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Travel Tip: Dance in Switzerland

Woyzeck: Ballet by Christian Spuck
ZURICH  •  Zurich Opera House  •  Ongoing

After the drama fragment by Georg Büchner
Choreography: Christian Spuck 
Music by Martin Donner, Philip Glass, György Kurtág and Alfred Schnittke
Stage and costume design: Emma Ryott
Light-Design: Reinhard Traub
Dramaturgy: Bibbi Moslet
Michael Küster

Vello Pähn, conductor

17 October 2O13 marks the 2OOth birthday of the German writer Georg Büchner. He spent the last months of his life as a lecturer in Zurich, where he is also buried. “I still hope that I have given suffering, oppressed figures more sympathetic looks than uttered bitter words to cold, lofty hearts,” he wrote in a letter to his parents. For Büchner, his compassion for the deprived and suffering is as self-evident as his hatred of those “who (...) sacrifice the great mass of their brothers to their contemptuous egoism.” In his life of only 23 years, Büchner explored the limitations and depths of the human psyche: melancholy, madness, crime, sexuality. Today he is considered one of the greatest German authors of the 19th century and a pioneer of the modern age. His drama Woyzeck, which remained a fragment, throws the spotlight on the fate of a simple soldier. Woyzeck loves Marie, with whom he has an illegitimate child. However, his meagre pay is barely enough for the three to survive. In order to earn a little extra, Woyzeck occasionally shaves a captain and makes himself available to a doctor for medical experiments that endanger his physical and psychological health. Woyzeck tries to ignore the humiliations and arbitrary behaviour inflicted upon him by his superiors, but when Marie becomes involved with a drum major, the disaster takes its course. In a delirium of jealousy, Woyzeck stabs his beloved to death. In the new version of his ballet Woyzeck, created for the Norwegian National Ballet in 2011, Christian Spuck translates Büchner’s laconic, metaphorical language into choreographic images.
Ballett Zürich
Junior Ballett 
Orchestra Philharmonia Zürich

Woyzeck: Jan Casier
Marie: Katja Wünsche
Tambourmajor: William Moore
Hauptmann: Cristian Alex Assis
Doktor: Manuel Renard
Professor: Filipe Portugal
Andre: Ty Gurfein
Margret: Galina Mihaylova

Zurich Opera House Website

Detailed schedule information:
19h, 20h


Zurich Opera House
Falkenstrasse 1
Zurich 8008

Tel: (41) 44 268 64 00

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