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Travel Tip: Opera in Netherlands

Armide: By Christoph Willibald Gluck
AMSTERDAM  •  Het Muziektheater  •  Ongoing

Christoph Willibald Gluck: Armide

Ivor Bolton, conductor 
Barrie Kosky, director  
Set and costume design: Katrin Lea Tag
Lighting: Franck Evin
Dramaturgy: Bettina Auer

New production

Damascus, Syria at the time of the crusades. The beautiful Armide possesses magic powers, but these are of little use in her frustrated love for Renaud, the Crusader who is in fact her enemy. She manages to beguile him with idyllic spells, but she is powerless against his relentless need to pursue new heroic deeds. Ultimately she is left with nothing but rage and heartache. The libretto, based on Torquato Tasso’s Gerusalemme liberata, was set to music a century earlier by Lully. The operatic reformer Gluck used the nearly-unchanged text and in Armide created one of his most richly nuanced characters. The wilfulness of the sorceress stands in stark contrast to the religious zeal of the Crusaders. Using purely musical means, the composer creates a woman with exceptional powers of attraction and whose inner struggle is palpable down to the most subtle nuances. Gluck himself said he approached the work more as a painter and poet than as a composer.


Armide: Karina Gauvin 
Hidraot: Andrew Foster-Williams 
Renaud: Frédéric Antoun
Artémidore/Le Chevalier Danois: Sébastien Droy 
Ubalde/Aronte: Henk Neven   
Phénice: Karin Strobos 
Sidonie/La Naïade/Une Bergère/Un Démon sous la figure de Mélisse: Ana Quintans 
La Haine: Diana Montague
Deux Coryphées: Julia Westendorp, Karin Strobos 
Un Plaisir: Francesca Russo Ermolli

Choeur des Coryphées: Julia Westendorp, Francesca Russo Ermolli, John van Halteren, Harry Teeuwen

Netherlands Chamber Orchestra 
Koor van De Nederlandse Opera 
directed by Nicholas Jenkins

De Nederlandse Opera Web Site

Detailed schedule information:

Contact: Het Muziektheater
Waterlooplein 22
1011 PG Amsterdam

Tel: (31) 20 625 54 55

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