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Travel Tip: Dance in United States
Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton: Night Stand

Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton: <EM>Night Stand</EM>
Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton: Night Stand
Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton: Night Stand
NEW YORK  •  Dia: Chelsea  •  Ongoing
Night Stand, which premiered in 2004 at the Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier, France, follows the twenty-four-year run of Nelson and Paxton's duet PA RT (1978), continuing their development of the theater of improvisational dance.
As a founding member­­­ of the seminal experimental dance groups Judson Dance Theater (1962-64) and Grand Union (1970-76), Paxton was instrumental in defining American postmodern dance. Paxton focused on pedestrian movement, specifically the acts of standing still and walking, and he affirmed his interest in 1964 by stating, "I might spend five or six hours a day working on my body and working on dance . . . and yet all the rest of the time my body was just carrying on by itself and I became really interested to see what was happening on that level."  By 1971, Paxton had begun to develop a new dance movement that utilized duet improvisation to explore touch, time, weight, and falling in unprecedented ways, eventually calling it Contact Improvisation. Nelson and Paxton met in 1972 at Bennington College, where they were both teaching dance.

Nelson's explorations of how composition arises in the body and its environment, widely known as Tuning Scores, have sought to capture the essence of and unite the experience of dancing with the performance of observation.

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8:00 pm


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