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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Norway
Imagine Brazil

Brazil BagPhoto: Astrup Fearnley Museet 
Brazil Bag
Photo: Astrup Fearnley Museet 
Imagine Brazil
OSLO  •  Astrup Fearnley Museet  •  Ongoing

Imagine Brazil is the fourth exhibition in the series focusing on a country's art scene. The Brazilian art history is well documented, especially the Brazilian modernism, such as Concrete, Neoconcrete and Tropicália movement, which developed independently but also in deep dialogue with modernist tendencies in Europe and North America. Artists such as Oscar Niemeyer, Lygia Clark, Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Pape and Ernesto Neto, are all part of the international modernist and artistic heritage.

With Imagine Brazil the curators want to showcase a diverse picture of what is happening in Brazilian contemporary art. 14 young artists are selected for what they perceive as important representatives of the emerging art scene in Brazil.

Participating artists include:

Jonathas de Andrade, Arrigo Barnabé, J. Borges, Sofia Borges, Rodrigo Cass, Adriano Costa, Deyson Gilbert, Fernanda Gomes, Marcellvs L, Milton Machado, Montez Magno, Cinthia Marcelle, Maria Martins Thiago Martins de Melo, Rodrigo Matheus, Cildo Meireles, Pedro Moraleida, Paulo Nazareth, Rivane Neuenschwander, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Sara Ramo, Mayana Redin, Gustavo Speridião, Tunga, Adriana Varejão, Caetano Veloso and Carlos Zilio.

In addition to the main exhibition, there is an exhibition of Artist Books, as an exhibition inside the exhibition.

The exhibition catalogue containx texts presenting all the artists. The Brazilian art scene is introduced by Kiki Mazzucchelli, who work as a curator and art critic.

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Tel: (47) 22 93 60 60

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