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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Senegal
Dakar - Berlin: Photographs by Mamadou Gomis & Simone Gilges

<EM>Dakar - Berlin: Photographs by Mamadou Gomis&nbsp; &amp; Simone Gilges</EM>
Dakar - Berlin: Photographs by Mamadou Gomis  & Simone Gilges
Dakar - Berlin: Photographs by Mamadou Gomis & Simone Gilges
DAKAR  •  Goethe Institut  •  Ongoing
After meeting at the 2009 prêt-à-partager workshop in Dakar, Senegalese art photographer Mamadou Gomis and the German photographer Simone Gilges have been exchanging one picture each week via the Internet since then. The photographs serve as a response and comment to the prior one sent – taken in the very unlike cities and addressing everyday life in the streets, rituals of public and private life und the artistic work of both photographers. The developed references bring the other side closer to one’s own and respectively the familiar is made foreign.

Goethe Institut Dakar Website

Contact: Goethe-Institut
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B.P 25862 – Point E
Tel: 221 33 8698880

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