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Travel Tip: Classical Music in Austria
The Hilliard Ensemble

The Hilliard Ensemble
VIENNA  •  Vienna Konzerthaus  •  Ongoing
The Hilliard Ensemble: A Hilliard Songbook  
Anonymus: Thomas gemma Cantuarie primula (1300)  
Anonymus:  Dou way Robyn / Sancta Mater (14. Jh.)   
Anonymus:  Saint Thomas honour we (13. Jh.) 
Anonymus:  Musicalis sciencia ... Sciencie laudabile (14. Jh.) 
Vache Sharafyan:  Lord who made the spring run 
Walter Frye:  So ys emprentid in my remembrance (15. Jh.)   
Ave Regina 
Sheryngham: Ah! Gentle Jesu (1500) 
William Cornysh:  Ave Maria, Mater Dei 
Katia Tschemberdji : Aus dem Psalm 69  
Anonymus:  Vetus abit littera / Conductus (13. Jh.) 
Anonymus:  Procurans odium (Carmina Burana 12) (13. Jh.)) 
Anonymus:  Deus misertus hominins (13. Jh.) 
Maximilian Schnaus: Heterophonie 
John Cage: Litany for the whale (1980) 
Arvo Pärt:  Most Holy Mother of God (2003) 
Anonymus: Laude Novella sia cantata / Lauda (13. Jh.) 
Guillaume de Machaut: Gloria (Messe de Notre Dame) (14. Jh.) 

Vienna Konzerthaus Website

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Contact: Vienna Konzerthaus
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A-1030 Vienna

Tel: (43) 1 242 002

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