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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Singapore
Devotion & Desire: Cross-Cultural Art in Asia

<SPAN class=pie _extended="true">Cross with image of the BuddhaJapan, perhaps late 17th or 18th centuryIron-copper alloy25 x 19.6 cm.</SPAN><BR _extended="true">
Cross with image of the Buddha
Japan, perhaps late 17th or 18th century
Iron-copper alloy
25 x 19.6 cm.

Devotion & Desire: Cross-Cultural Art in Asia
  •  Asian Civilisations Museum  •  Ongoing
The 170 objects on view were acquired by the Asian Civilisations Museum over the last five years. Most are on display for the first time and cast a light on historical interconnections between the diverse cultures of Asia, and their relations with the world. Themes of the exhibition include the importance of trade, transmission of religions, courtly art, and colonial networks.

Highlights include a sculpture of the Virgin and Child that shows the superior skills of Sri Lankan ivory carvers, who, in the late 16th century, worked for both Buddhist and Catholic patrons. Another key work is the Cross with an image of the Buddha, from Japan. This unusual cross, produced at a time when Christianity was banned in Japan, has an image of Buddha in the centre, where one would expect to find Christ. The blue and white porcelain Brush rest, in the form of a mountain, was commissioned at the imperial court of China and is decorated with Arabic inscriptions.

A fully illustrated catalogue, Devotion and Desire: Cross-Cultural Art in Asia, accompanies the exhibition.

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Asian Civilisations Museum
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Singapore 179555


Tel: (65) 6332 7798

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