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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Germany
Christian Tagliavini

© Christian Tagliavini, <EM>1503 Lucrezia</EM>
© Christian Tagliavini, 1503
Christian Tagliavini
BERLIN  •  Camera Work Contemporary (CWC)  •  Ongoing

The first solo exhibition of the Swiss-Italian artist Christian Tagliavini (born 1971) in Germany shows the series 1503 and the new series entitled Carte.

With his series 1503 Christian Tagliavini invites the viewer to a time travel to the 16th century where nine still characters are portrayed in solemn, die-cut costumes. His protagonists bear names such as Cecilia, Lucrezia or Bartolomeo and express the pride of the Renaissance. In the style of the Florentine Agnolo di Cosimo, in art history better known as Bronzino, Tagliavini gives the patina of Mannerism to his modern sitters. The title of the series 1503 is also a reference to Bronzino’s year of birth.

In the series Carte, that was finalized in 2012, Christian Tagliavini plays with symbols from the history of art and visual effects. In his monumental cards, the artist puts his selected persons in handmade costumes made of paper and cardboard. With their surface structure, thickness and shadow effect, the costumes cause an impressive interaction between them and the three-dimensional portraits. From jack to queen through to ace, every single of the eleven cards owns an individual character that is influenced by visual patterns from cubism, art nouveau, Italian folk art or mythology.

Christian Tagliavini, who was honoured with the Hasselblad Masters Award in 2012, lives and works in Lugano, Switzerland.

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