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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Circus Oz: From The Ground Up

<P>Circus Oz: <EM>From the Ground Up</EM>Photo: Robert Blackburn </P>

Circus Oz: From the Ground Up
Photo: Robert Blackburn

Circus Oz: From The Ground Up
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS  •  Citi Shubert Theatre  •  Ongoing

Inspired by a construction site, From The Ground Up features acrobats suspended from, and flying through the air around, the show’s centerpiece – a giant swinging steel beam. From old black and white photographs of workers on high steel girders, Circus Oz has created a new production, starting from the ground up.

Circus Oz, Australia’s National Circus, was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1978 and this current tour marks its 35th birthday.

Detailed schedule information:

Wednesday, 19 February at 7pm
Thursday, 20 February at 5:30pm
Friday, 21 February at 6:30pm
Saturday, 22 February at 12:30pm and 5:30pm
Sunday, 23 February at 2:00pm

Contact: Citi Shubert Theatre
270 Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts
Tel: (1) 617 482 66 61

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