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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Brazil
Loredana Sperini: Mi ritorna in mente

Loredana Sperini: <EM>Mi ritorna in mente</EM>
Loredana Sperini: Mi ritorna in mente
Loredana Sperini: Mi ritorna in mente
SÃO PAULO  •  Kunsthalle São Paulo  •  Ongoing

Swiss artist Loredana Sperini (born 1970, in Wattwil, Switzerland) focuses on the fragility and vulnerability of the body, which is explored through the combination of both materials, whose qualities are of very different nature, as in its forms, that range from geometric figures, abstractions, and human body elements. 

Sperini's work has an uncanny aspect – a term which, according to Freud denominates something that, being both familiar and strange, generates in the subject a cognitive dissonance, who feels attracted and at the same time rejects the observed object – that triggers memories and recollections in our subconscious, and lead us to a deeper world.

In Mi ritorna in mente the artist presents groups of works in different of materials. Five small porcelain sculptures are collages made from fragments of figures found in rubble of bombings of World War II, and purchased by the artist at the flea market in Berlin. Five other wall sculptures are collages of found objects in her studio, and molded in black epoxy. Some have only geometric shapes and include also other figurative elements.

There are also two abstract paintings in wax, and an assemblage of colorful sculptures of hands also made in wax and butterfly wings, arranged on top of a mirror. And last but not least, one work in cement exclusively made for the exhibition.

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