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Travel Tip: Jazz in Japan
Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu Duo

Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu Duo
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Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu duo with special guest Kazunori Kumagani

Omar Sosa's roots being in the Cuban culture, he explores the most extreme parts of those roots. He explores his African roots e.g. through the Gnawas or the Yoruba, returning to Cuban, Brazilian and American music. The result is a finely wrought, and wholly delightful mélange of Cuban jazz, Latin dance grooves, North African trance music, and hip-hop.

Born and raised in Camaguey, Cuba, Omar Sosa studied percussion for many years at the prestigious
Escuela Nacional de Musica in Havana. In the late '80's, having studied everything from Afro-Cuban folkloric traditions to European classical music, he began working with two Cuban pop singers - first Vicente Feliu, then Xiomara Laugart and helped jump-start a Cuban hip-hop scene in the early '90's through his collaboration with Cuban rapper Ofill.

Moving to Quito, Ecuador for several years beginning in 1993, Sosa discovered the folkloric music of Esmeraldas, a pocket of African-rooted culture on the northwest coast of that country known especially for its use of the marimba. In addition to launching his own jazz fusion ensemble, Entrenoz, Sosa produced Andarele, a recording by the Afro-Ecuadorian group Koral y Esmeralda.

In 1999 Omar relocated from Oakland, California, later to Paris and finally to Barcelona, Spain, his point of departure for over 150 international concert and festival appearances annually.

Blue Note Tokyo Website

Detailed schedule information:
Sets at 19h, 21h30

Contact: Blue Note
Tel: (81) 3 54 85 00 88

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