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Travel Tip: Opera in Switzerland
Delusion of the Fury

<SPAN class=eventtitle>Harry Partch:<EM> </EM><SPAN class=eventtitle><EM>Delusion of the Fury</EM>Photo: Klaus Rudoplh for musikFabrik</SPAN></SPAN>
Harry Partch: Delusion of the Fury
Photo: Klaus Rudoplh for musikFabrik
Delusion of the Fury: By Harry Partch
GENEVA  •  Grand Théâtre de Genève  •  (1901–1974)

Harry Partch: Delusion of the Fury
Sung in English

In search of a musical world far from European music, the American composer Harry Partch (1901–1974) not only invented his own tonal system, but also designed and built instruments of idiosyncratic beauty to play his music. Called the "Don Quixote of Music" by contemporary critics, he is today considered a highly inspired music philosopher and pioneer who was one of the first composers to almost exclusively work with microtonality. The encounter with his unheard sound world full of lightness and humor makes possible the discovery of masterpiece Delusion of the Fury (1965/66) – his last large-scale opera and at the same time the highpoint of his artistic work.

Based on Japanese and African myths, Partch develops a piece between dream and madness, that integrates all theatrical means, light, movement, and song with the extraordinary presence of his instruments in a theater without a precise setting, where temporal layers overlap. A view of a culture that seems strange and yet familiar to us. Partch spreads out in all four directions a "ritual net" that celebrates the reconciliation of the living with death and life.

Heiner Goebbels, stage direction
Sets and lights: Klaus Grünberg
Costumes: Florence von Gerkan
Sound designer: Paul Jeukendrup
Choreography: Florian Bilbao
Dramaturgy: Matthias Mohr

The Pilgrm:: Alban Wesly
The Ghost: Bruce Collings
Son of the victim: Carl Rosman
The Deaf vagabond: Marco Blaauw
Woman: Christine Chapman
Justice of the Peace: Axel Porath
Musician Melvin Poore
The Voice: Marco Blaauw
Child: Rie Watanabe
Les Villageois Ensemble musikFabrik

Grand Théâtre de Genève Website

Contact: Grand Théâtre de Genève
11, boulevard du Théâtre
CH-1211 Geneva 11

Tel: (41) 22 418 30 00

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