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Travel Tip: Classical Music in Canada
Iestyn Davies, countertenor

Iestyn Davies, countertenor: Thomas Dunford, lute
VANCOUVER, BC  •  Vancouver Playhouse  •  Ongoing

Flow My Tears Songs for Lute and Voice

Robert Johnson (c.1582?-1633)
Have you seen the bright lily grow?
Care-Charming Sleep
From the Famous Peak of Derby

John Danyel (1565-c.1625)     
Grief Keep Within (Mrs M.E. her Funerall teares for the death of her husband)
Why Canst Thou Not?
Can Doelful Notes?

Thomas Campion (c.1567-1620)
Never Weather Beaten Sail

Nico Muhly
Old Bones (new commission)

John Dowland (1563-1626)
Come Again
In Darkness Let Me Dwell
Can She Excuse My Wrongs
Flow My Tears
Frog Galliard (Instrumental)
Now, O Now My Needs Must Part

Iestyn Davies, countertenor
Thomas Dunford, lute

Detailed schedule information:
3:00 pm

Contact: Vancouver Playhouse
600 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2P1

Tel: (1) 604 665 30 50

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