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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Russia
Hannes Heikura: Zone

Hannes Heikura: Zone
SAINT-PETERSBURG  •  ROSPHOTO: State Museum and Exhibition Centre for Photography  •  Ongoing

The exhibition by the Finnish artist and photojournalist Hannes Heikura (born 1958) includes selected works from the two series Dark Zone and We Walk Alone where Heikura explores the boundaries of light and darkness and the lonely landscapes of the human mind.  

We Walk Alone was made in 2011–2012, and it continues Heikura’s series Dark Zone – Hämärän vyöhyke (2009–2011), photographed in the lights and shadows of the Helsinki landscape where the city fades into the background, and appears to be almost unrecognizable in the black and white images. Only the description in the work's title reveals time and place, such as Helsinki 14.11.2011 12:09.  The metropolis photographed by Heikura is a landscape of the mind undefined in both time and space. It’s a non-place with overtones of film-noir and Sin City, an immaterial state of mind, where light and shade engage in an endless dance continuously redefining their mutual relationships.

In ZONE Hannes Heikura carries on his urban wandering as a portrayer of magical realism. He has started from light and shadow to come to realize the solitude of human mind. The sense of loneliness is constantly present, and it is as if the images capture a small crack, revealing something about reality

For Heikura, an image must be based on reality and tell something of this life: "A photographer cannot live in one way and work in another. As a result, all pictures are self-portraits of a kind. Photographers do not have to appear in their photographs, but they will nonetheless reveal everything about themselves. For me, this is the truth and absolute nature of photography", says Heikura.

Hannes Heikura has made a long career as a press photographer, best known from the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, where he worked between 1984–97, and as a regular photographer from 1997 to 2010.

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