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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in South Africa
Lorienne Lotz: Not written in Stone

Lorienne Lotz: Not written in Stone
CAPE TOWN  •  Commune.1  •  Ongoing

Lorienne Lotz (born Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) has re-installed a previous installation Headstones: A grave disservice (2013) in the gallery. The installation is made up of 16 sandstones; each of these has been censored by black oil paint. ‘Headstones’ is an explicit commentary on the Secrecy Bill and works as a point of departure for the rest of the exhibition. Lotz’s new paintings question the power of language; how we are “immersed in the culture of the statement, [and] that this language is coercive and forces a separation between the senses and understanding”. (Martinez, 2012)

The paintings encourage “liquid thought” (Elkins, 2000) by merging daily nuances, proverbial sayings, the media and political events into a stream of consciousness that settle as a combination of abstract and formal marks onto her large canvases.

Lorienne Lotz lives and works in Cape Town.

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